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W.T. Center
3352 Highway 9 South
Freehold, NJ 07728

Ph: 732-866-9024

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See our full Services Price Guide for full pricing on guitar work, or you can call us at (732) 866-9024.
If you are unhappy with any of our work please let us know.
We unconditionally guarantee all of our work.

We are an Authorized Warranty Service Center For
Gibson, Epiphone, B.C. Rich, OLP, Ibanez, Warwick, Taylor, Dean, Washburn, Parker, Jay Turser, Floyd Rose, Hagstrom, Charvel, Hamer, Hoshino, Michael Kelly, Traben, & Oscar Schmidt

Fret Dress (Grind and Polish) - We level and dress frets the old fashioned way, slowly and with care. We do not use the curved fret files you see so often, but each fret is brought to a thin even crown using traditional fine single cut triangle files. This approach helps to insure a consistent crown, which translates to a consistent sound: clean, even, and clear. Of course, we finish every fret dress with our own setup.

Refrets (Our Specialty!) - We can refret your guitar with wire that ranges from thin low profile to super jumbo. We are experts at solving finger board problems and we understand your concerns. Where vintage guitars are concerned, our motto is always "DO NO HARM!" We respect you and your investments. We provide hammer in, modified hammer in and glue in refrets as need and desire dictates.

Set-ups - We provide comprehensive, complete set-ups. We do NOT just change strings and polish.

Frets and Board - All frets are block dressed as needed, then sanded and polished to a new condition. The board is steel wooled and treated with an all natural conditioning oil that helps the fret board to resist drying and cracking.

Nuts - String height is checked at the nut and the nut is adjusted to provide for the correct angle and string height. Slots are widened to prevent pinching and binding.

Strings - We offer high quality D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Ghs and Fender original bullets, or you can provide your own favorite set of strings.

Bridge and Saddles - On acoustics, all saddles are compensated where possible, and sanded to provide for a proper fit in its bridge slot. All pin holes are adjusted to provide for a proper fit, and are ramped so string tension is focused on the saddle for maximum transfer of energy to the guitar top. On electrics, we create the proper radius of saddles to finger board radius. This helps create a feeling of balance and ease of play. We also intonate each saddle using a state of the art Peterson Strobe Tuner.

Necks and Adjustable - All necks with adjustable truss rods are brought to proper relief. Our goal is to provide the lowest possible string height without buzz. (We will ask you your playing style so that the overall string height is in sync with your playing style.)

Wiring - Our philosophy on wiring is neat, clean, and efficient. No bird nest here! You will see a natural flow from component to component and we use only top quality pots and switches, where possible. Switch Craft switches and direct replacement Fender and Gibson pots are used.

We can also provide Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, Schaller, or Ken Armstrong pickups. We can provide, as a Gibson and Taylor Guitar service center, direct replacement pickups and parts.

NOTE: We do not ship anywhere outside the continental US. We ship to all US states excluding Hawaii and Alaska