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Freehold, NJ 07728


1174 Fisher Blvd
Toms River, NJ 08753

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My classical Guild was repaired by Kyle. A better Job, I have not seen. I am Amazed, looks better than new. It is Beauteous. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
- Dec 21, 2016 by Larry Fretz

Took in my schecter C-1 classic for a setup. Best setup my guitar has ever had. The tech took the time to discuss exactly how I wanted the guitar to feel and play and even set it up for stability over multiple tunings. Great pricing and most importantly the turn over rate was incredible. Setup was completed within a few hours. My previous tech took 2 weeks! Ugh. Thank You! -
- Apr 5, 2016 by Mario N. Nashua NH

Raritan Bay Guitar Repair, this place is amazing . As soon as you walk thru the door there is a sense that these guys know their stuff. I brought in my 67 Danelectro Convertible to have the electronics serviced and a setup .The professional staff explained what would be done went over costs and the time line of the repairs. Everything was done correctly and on time . The only place to have your axe repaired!
- Mar 12, 2016 by John A.

You guys are GREAT! Completely took care of the humming and did a great job on the refret work that was long over due on my 65 Fender. Thank You, Thank you.
- Dec 10, 2015 by Earl S, Rockingham, NC

These guys fixed my Gibson SG Special. I had some wiring issues and a loose bridge pickup. They fixed it easily, and even taught me how to restring my spanish guitar, and how to tune my 12 string guitar. I was rather new at learning all of these things at the time and they had so much patience with me. It felt as if they enjoyed teaching me these things. While all these were going on, they told me some cool stories about the Bouncing Souls (I'm a huge fan) which was incredible. They are all amazing people! It's worth every penny, and worth putting trust in them on fixing your precious guitars.
- Nov 11, 2015 by Angelo P.

Just wanted to say great job. Recently I took in my 1981 peavey t60 to get a setup. The tech there suggested that I put 10's on instead of 9's he was right. The guitar was always going out of tune all I can say is that it plays like a new guitar. Thank you for the great job that you did.
- Oct 17, 2015 by Anthony B. NJ

These guys are -- hands down -- the greatest. True masters of luthier craft, CJ, Kyle and their staff treat you with respect, offer excellent advice, and all services are unconditionally guaranteed and reasonably priced. I've had them do everything from simple intonations setups to custom pickup windings to complex repairs on seemingly trashed vintage guitars, and have never been disappointed with their service or the results. Do yourself a big favor -- take that eBay or Craigslist find to Raritan Bay Guitar Repair, and let these guys help you bring out the best in it.
- Oct 7, 2015 by Bruce H.

Just picked up my Taylor 110. I never thought it would play as well as it did when I first got it, I was devastated. I brought it in and now it plays better than new and I can't put it down. Thanks guys...!
- Sep 20, 2015 by Pat

I just want to thank you guys for the excellent job you did on my Taylor T5 guitar. The action is so much better now. It came back in excellent condition, and I would recommend you to anyone!
- Jun 1, 2015 by George M.

I just had a fret dressing done on one of my high-end acoustics at Raritan Bay Guitar Repair. I was concerned that the original frets were too worn to be "renewed", but Raritan did a sparkling job on the frets so that they look new. And their set-up work is right on the money. Very reasonable prices, too. Totally satisfied!
- May 16, 2015 by Larry

These guys absolutely rock. I have a ovation guitar that the head stock snapped off. It was repaired once before but broke again. The repair first repair wasn't done very well and I was very disappointed. This time raritan bay guitar repaired it and to say I'm amazed is a understatement. The finish came out so good that it's hard to find the break. Thank you so much for saving my father Inlaws guitar.
- Feb 20, 2015 by Dave

About two years ago I brought my 1971 Gibson Les Paul Custom here to be repaired . The headstock had been broken , the truss rod hanging out the top bent. I was involved in a bad car accident back in 1987. I was hit by an Atlantic city bus on the Staten Island expressway crushing my car sideways. The car was flat as a pancake as I was pinned between the buckled up front seat and the drivers door sustaining two separated shoulders and 4 broken ribs . Anyway my guitar was hanging out the back window. It remained under my bed wrapped in plastic bags for 22 years until I was able to have the spare money to fix it !!! Finally got to repair it a couple of years back . I thought it was going to need a new neck but to my amazement it was still the original neck which needless to say made me extremely happy . You cannot tell by looking at the neck where it had been shattered !!!!! It plays beautifully , stays in tune !!! It was a gift from my dad in 1971 and to have it back in my life again is such a blessing !!!! I recommend Raritan Bay guitar repair to anyone looking to have work done on their valued instruments !!! Great staff of people that know what they are doing !!! I continue to bring my gear to them with great confidence . Thanks to all at Raritan Bay !!!!!! CJ and Kyle , way to go!!!!!!!!
- Aug 15, 2014 by James F.

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