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JHS Colour Box V2 Preamp Pedal


Aguilar DB925 Bass Preamp


Black Arts Toneworks Black 35 Guitars Dead Man's Hand Fuzz


Danelectro Billionaire BT1 Filthy Rich Tremolo


J. Rockett Audio Animal Overdrive


J. Rockett Audio APE Analog preamp Experiment


J. Rockett Audio Archer Boost/Overdrive


J. Rockett Audio Archer Clean Boost


J. Rockett Audio Archer Ikon Boost/Overdrive


J. Rockett Audio Blue Note Overdrive


J. Rockett Audio Hooligan Fuzz


J. Rockett Audio Immortal Echo


J. Rockett Audio Lenny Boost


J. Rockett Audio Monkeyman Tweed Overdrive


J. Rockett Audio Squeegee Compressor


J. Rockett Audio Steampunk Boost/Buffer


J. Rockett Audio The Dude V2 Overdrive


J. Rockett Audio Touch Overdrive


J.Rockett Audio Majestic Overdrive


J.Rockett Audio Mr. Moto Tremolo/Reverb


J.Rockett Audio Tranquilizer Phase/Vibrato


JHS Lucky Cat Delay


JHS Mini A/B Box 2 Channel Line Switcher


JHS Muffuletta Distortion/Fuzz




JHS Space Commander Volume/Chorus/Reverb


JHS Spring Tank Reverb


NuX JTC Drum & Loop


NuX Konsequent Digital Delay


NuX Morning Star Overdrive


NuX Solid Studio IR & Power Amp Simulator


NuX Tube Man MKII Overdrive


Tech 21 Brit Fly Rig 5


Tech 21 Acoustic Fly Rig


Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig


Tech 21 DP3X Dug Pinnick


Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 V1


Tech 21 Richie Kotzen RK5 Fly Rig



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