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JHS Lucky Cat Delay


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  • Digital delay pedal for electric guitar
  • Turn on Tape mode to conjure the saturated, compressed sound of vintage tape delay
  • Dark control ranges from completely transparent delays to gritty, lo-fi delays
  • Switchable modulation with 2 modes — subtle and shimmery or deep and warbly
  • Tap tempo and Ratio controls
Based on their very first delay pedal from 2007, the JHS Lucky Cat digital delay pedal is a great example of digital processing done right. With the Dark control fully clockwise, you'll hear transparent digital repeats. Crank the control all the way down for a gritty, lo-fi analog-style delay. And everything in between sounds sweet. With delay time ranging from short slapback to a full second, the Lucky Cat is a versatile delay for any application. And with two types of modulation available, you've got a ton of creative potential in the JHS Lucky Cat delay pedal.


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